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Welcome to Eos Whole Fitness!
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What's New(s):

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   • Introduction to Belly Dance Session: Tribal Family Stylization - Four weeks - Aug 12 & 16 through Sept 2 & 6 More info on facebook~


• Coming Soon - Intro to Hooping - Beginners & Walk-Ins Welcome! - Hoops available for class and for sale if desired. Learn with Brittney Marie - all the basics up and down, from chest to waist to knees, then add breaks and reversals, legs, and isolation building out from there. Email for info!

•  NEW!!!! Chair Yoga
$7 Thursdays at 2:30pm - For anyone needing an extra gentle class who for whatever reason may have trouble getting up and down off a mat.

Kids Zumbatomic-Yoga Hybrid Class Continues through the Fall, 2014!
Wednesdays at 4:30. $7 for first child, half off others in the same carload!
Taught by Group X Certified and Zumba Licensed Instructor Samantha Grbinick at Eos in the Calvin Center! Come check it out, feel free to participate yourself (included in child's price) and stay for Adult Zumba after (at 5:45pm) while the kids color or read! ($7 for first child, additional kids in one carload are 1/2 off, memberships available)

FlyBelli™ continues!
Modeled after BelliFit™ but adapted "for the air", or the aerial silk, this is our "aerial butt kicking" class. Prerequisite is a few aerial yoga classes or invitation by instructor. Inquire! Friday at noon and Monday at 5:45pm. Reservations required.

Hot off the Press?
Eos Whole Fitness, BelliFit™ and The Tribe of Eos were featured in the October Issue of the Youngstown Pulse! Pick it up at the studio or various locations around town!


The Tribe of Eos will be performing at several shows this fall. Stay tuned.


About Eos Whole Fitness & Bellidance™:

"Eos" (pronounced a-os, e-ohs, or ee-os) is the name of the Greek Goddess of Sunrise or dawn. Whether the name brings to mind Surya Namaskara (Sunrise Salutation), a Mythical Maiden dancing in the light or simply the color that saturates the Studio, EOS is definitely a place to come for light, wellness, and whole health.

Located in the Calvin Center for the Arts in Youngstown, Ohio, the Studio is a part of a collective group of businesses and organizations seeking to support and promote the Arts and engage the Youngstown Community with not only the ideals but the tools of health, mental, physical and emotional fitness as well as fun and unique, culturally immersive entertainment.

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    What to Wear & What to Bring:
  • Socks or bare feet are preferred and easiest for all classes except Zumba (clean, non-street worn athletic shoes are ideal for Zumba). Street shoes are prohibited in the studio space. Cubbies are provided so you can store your things while participating in classes.
  • A yoga mat or blanket is ideal although we have mats for all yoga and BelliFit™ classes.
  • Comfortable clothing which allows you to move easily.
    Cotton yoga or sweat pants/shorts and tank tops with removable sweatshirts usually function best.

    Email for more info!!! or Text Jenn 330.518.4402

Hope to see you soon!