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Class Descriptions


- Aerial Yoga
- FlyBelli

- Introduction - Level I
- Introduction - Level II
- Yoga & Conditioning for BD

- BelliFit™
- Zumba
- Hot Yoga
- Explorative Yoga
- Kids Zumba-Yoga Hybrid
- On/Off Mat Yoga (Chairs Avail)

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Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga - $15 Drop In Rate, Membership Available - Pre-Registration Recommended (as there are only 10 spots per class) Text 330.518.4402 with time requests.

This fun and beautiful art takes the traditional yoga postures and sequences and adapts them for the air using fabric hammocks hung to hip level as a prop. It is a safe form of inversion therapy and it is for nearly everyone.

Private & Semi-Private Aerial Yoga Lessons are available for $120/1hr for one person, $150 for 2-10 people, available by appointment with Jennifer 330.518.4402


If you've taken three or four All Levels Aerial Yoga Classes and you're into fitness "hard", like to have a lot of fun and exploration in your classes, or simply need to make your workouts count due to limited time, this just may be the class for you. Jennifer uses the silks as a prop to serve up the hardest hitting workout this side of the Mississippi. Full body workout; bring water. Pre-requisite: several aerial yoga classes or experience with the silk hammock at hip level in the basic holds and inversions.

DESCRIPTION: Zumba Fitness is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.



COST: $8 Walk-In Rate per Class


Introduction to Bellydance: Isolation & Technique LEVEL I (DANCE)




This is a basic introduction class to the Dance of the Core/what is typically called "Bellydance".

You will learn the basic history, isolations and movements, and a beginning vocabulary of Bellydance as well as traveling steps and basic combinations. A short but super sweet choreography is included.

COST: $12 Walk-In Rate per Class, Memberships available

Private & Semi-Private Lessons by appointment (ideally scheduled 1 week in advance) are $40 per hour or $150/5 & move at a much faster pace.

Conditioning & Yoga for Bellydance (DANCE CLASS)
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One hour of pure focus on developing the core strength, overall flexibility, coordination, and intense balance required for *fabulous* Bellydance.

This twice-weekly class will vastly improve your abilities and widen your comfort level but is also fantastic for those students whose primary focus is simply incredible overall fitness.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Bellydance: Isolation & Technique LEVEL I or similar

Introduction to Bellydance: Isolation & Technique LEVEL II
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Basic skills are expanded upon while new techniques, isolations, and combinations are introduced and all are perfected. Introduction to various styles within the world of Bellydance are also explored and students are encouraged to develop and express their individual style.

Expansion Choreography.

COST: $60 for 6 Classes/$12 Walk-In Rate per Class (or $60/month for all Dance Classes, $80/month for all Dance & Fitness Classes, $100/month for all Dance, Fitness & Aerial Classes "Whole House")
Private & Semi-Private Lessons by appointment (ideally scheduled 1 week in advance) are $45 per hour & move at a much faster pace.

Explorative Yoga


Explorative is the kind of yoga where you can ask questions. We explore everything from how to develop balance in tree and the warrior series to how find the architecture of headstand and how the jump through *really works.

$7/drop in, $45 Fitness Only Monthly, $100 Whole House (all Dance, Fitness & Aerial Classes)

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An intense core conditioning workout that gives the body the limbering, strengthening and body-image-beautifying benefits of the isolations of bellydance (even if you never perform it). This class begins on the mat, in an interval style, and works the entire body and brain for more clarity in movements, more detailed timing and layering, more tone, more length and prepares you for a nice nap afterwards. You'll work your abs, your back, your arms, your legs.. even your toes and possibly your nose.

This class is ideal for students who have never taken a belly dance class as well as those who are at an advanced level of any sort of dance or movement. Bring a mat, a good attitude, the willingness to explore some old exercises in entirely new ways, AND PLENTY OF WATER.

COST: $7 Walk-In Rate per Class (or $45/month for all Fitness Classes; this class is also covered by any monthly BelliDance membership!)

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An all-levels, co-ed Vinyasa-style Class in a room heated to at 85°+ so you are warming up the moment you step on the mat.

COST: $8 Walk-In Rate per Class (or $45/month for all Fitness Classes)


Kids Zumbatomic - Yoga Hybrid (FITNESS CLASS)
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Kids Yoga Zumba Class!DESCRIPTION:

Taught by Yoga in the Classroom trained, Group X Certified, and Zumba Licensed Instructor Samantha Grbinick at Eos in the Calvin Center! Come check it out, feel free to participate yourself (included in child's price) and stay for Adult Zumba after (at 5:45pm, $8) while the kids color or read!
Zumbatomic-Yoga Hybrid Class Continues through the Fall, 2016!
Wednesdays at 4:45.

COST: $8 for first child, half off others in the same carload!

On/Off the Mat Yoga (Chairs Available) (FITNESS CLASS)
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Thursdays at 2:30pm - This class is for those who may be able to further their practice using the chair as a yoga prop, or who may simply benefit from a slower paced class where the option to get on the mat or not is available. Open to all age ranges and ability levels.
Please call ahead to arrange for wheelchair access if that's helpful. 330.518.4402

COST: $8, fitness memberships available.

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There are various times throughout the week that our studio can provide classes for you or your group, tailored specifically to your needs. We can teach anything currently within our studio offering or customize something specifically for your group.

    Here are some ideas to get your class-building juices flowing:

- Office Repair Kit Yoga - Techniques (breath and asana) to decrease stress and tension as well as repetitive motion disorders or physical inactivity issues resulting from long hours at the office.

- Get Back in Your Body Yoga -
Focused on reconnecting the physical, mental and spiritual selves and finding reward in the practice of taking care of self.

- Athletic Optimization Yoga - These classes can be tailored to the various needs of different athletes upon request (runners, basketball players, football teams, golfers, etc.) as well as myriad focuses (twisting with grace and power, general flexibility, stability, joint care and maintenance, plyometrics, speed and agility, etc.)

- Mental Stress and Disorder Relief- Classes focused on techniques (prana, yantra, mantra, and asana) to deal directly with anxiety, depression and other mental-emotional issues. Learn how* to down dog your way out of a panic attack, king dancer pose your path to speaking your truth, and warrior your way to enlightenment!

- Get Presents/ce - Energy work in the performing arts or elsewhere. Focus can range from how to simply break out of your shell to energy work techniques which can help you bring specific types of energy to the surface "at will".

Call or text 330.518.4402 to discuss your options and scheduling preferences.

  * = See Current Schedule for exact dates, times, and holiday modifications